First Visit

First visit

Insurance Carriers

1) For your first visit, or evaluation as we call it, you will have a 1 hour one on one appointment
with one of our physical therapists. They will sit down with you to assess your injury and create
a plan of treatment specifically for your rehabilitation.

You do not need to have a prescription from a doctor for the initial evaluation; however, if you plan
to go through your insurance you will need a medical prescription. One of our therapists can sit
down and guide you in the appropriate direction if you have not consulted a physician.

However, for any follow up treatments past the evaluation you will need to have a prescription from
a doctor.

2.) We are preferred providers with a wide range of insurance carriers. If you have any questions
about your coverage please feel free to call and speak with our office staff.

We also accept patients on a cash-paying basis, for people who do not have insurance coverage.

3.) Please feel free to download the patient paperwork and relevant forms from our website or
come in 15 minutes early to your evaluation.

4.) Lastly, be sure to wear something comfortable and that will allow the therapist easy access to
your injury area.

We look forward to assisting you in your recovery